Below are some frequently asked questions regarding technology at South Middleton School District.

What is an H: drive?

Your H: drive is your own, personal network drive. It is often visible with your username attached to it. Your H: drive (H for Home) allows users access to a space on our network server for storing personal storage. Files stored on your H: drive can only be seen by you. It is a safe place to save your files because your computer hard drive could crash without warning and anything saved to your computer will be lost. Saving to your H: drive will allow you to access your files on any District computer. 

How do I submit, view, reply, and close a support ticket?

Working with support tickets is easy and allows transparency for both you and our agents. Here are useful steps to get started: Logging into the Support Center, Submitting a Support Ticket, Viewing Support Tickets, Responding to a ticket, Adding people to a support ticket's conversation, and Closing a support ticket.

How do I save files off of my computer to my H: drive, OneDrive, or Google Drive?

You can save your files by using these steps.

How do I log into Google?

You can log into Google on any internet-enabled device using these steps.

How do I log into Microsoft Office365?

You can log into Microsoft Office365 on any internet-enabled device using these steps.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by following these steps.

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