Once submitted, you can view support tickets that you submitted through the Support Center. You must be logged into the Support Center in order to view the tickets. 

Viewing Support Tickets

  1. Log into the Support Center. (help)
  2. Click Tickets at the top. The View My Tickets page will appear.
    • To view tickets that are currently open, be sure to choose Open or Pending from the drop-down.
    • To view tickets that have been marked as resolved or closed, choose Resolved or Closed from the drop-down.
    • To view all tickets associated with your user, choose All Tickets from the drop-down.
    • If you supervise a building or department, you can choose to see tickets of all users within that building or department. Do this by clicking the Tickets created by drop-down and choose Everyone, Myself, or select another user.
  3. Locate the desired ticket and click its title. The ticket will open.