Once submitted, you can respond to a support tickets that you (or someone in your building) submitted through the Support Center. You can do this by either logging into the Support Center or replying via the email address associated with the ticket.

Responding to a ticket via email

When a ticket is submitted, the associated users should receive a confirmation email from the Support Ticket containing the ticket number, subject, and description. Using your email, reply to that email confirmation or agent message and send the email as you would to any other recipient.

Responding to a ticket via the Support Center Portal

  1. Log into the Support Center. (help) 
  2. Locate the ticket to which you wish to reply. (help)
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the ticket to the blank text box that says, Click here to reply to this ticket.
  4. Reply to the ticket. (Note that you can paste screen shots directly into the reply or upload files or images to the reply.)
  5. Click Reply.
    NOTE: From this screen, you can also add people to this ticket and close this ticket.