Use of the Technology Support Center allows the Technology Department to manage help requests easier and allow your requests to be better addressed. You should use the Support Center for all requests regarding problems, malfunctions, and equipment needs. All needs of the Technology Department MUST be filed through the Support Desk. 

This article will help users in submitting a support ticket.

Submitting a Support Ticket

  1. Log into the Support Center. (help)
  2. Click Submit a Support Ticket at the top bar.
  3. Complete the needed information. Fields are depending on what previous options you choose.
    • Requesting User - the person who is requesting the assistance
    • Subject - a title for the ticket; please be as specific as possible
    • Building - the location where the support is needed
    • What kind of user are you? - specifies if you are a district employee / contractor / volunteer or a student (if you are an employee / contractor / volunteer entering a ticket for a student, choose the Student option).
    • Type of Ticket - specifies the type of support or request this ticket is
      • Problem or Incident - you are experiencing an problem or there was an incident with a particular technology that needs to be rectified or brought to the Technology Department's attention
      • CREATE / CHANGE / DELETE Employee/Contractor/Volunteer Account - these three options request the creation, modification, or deletion of an employee/contractor/volunteer's account
      • Student Account Setup - requests the creation of a student account
      • Student Account Change or Deletion - requests the modification or deletion of a student account
      • Technology Labor/Setup - requests for technology special setup or work; for examples can include (but are not limited to) moving computers, installing hardware, setting up audio/visual equipment, etc.
      • Software Installation Request (Windows) - requests to install Windows applications on one or more PCs.
      • Chrome Extension Installation Request (Chromebook) - requests to install Chrome extensions on District Chromebooks.
      • App Installation Request (iOS) - requests to install iOS apps on one or more iPads.
      • Integration Coaching Requested - requests for assistance with one-on-one coaching, finding integration resources, co-teaching, etc.
    • Message to Technology Staff - additional information needed to complete the request. Note that you can paste screen shots into this field.
    • If you wish to attach a file to the ticket, click + Attach a file.
  4. Click Submit.