Please refer to the attached document for adjusting your monitors/smartboard/panel configurations. 

We have many reports of monitor setups not working with the new docks. In order for the computer/dock to determine the available displays, the monitor(s) and projector/panel must be turned on before plugging the computer into the dock. If your projector/panel goes into sleep mode you may need to unplug from the dock, wake the projector/panel and reconnect so the computer picks up the display as available.

This is very typical behavior and not something that is wrong with the equipment or something that is not being done correctly. The external displays (monitors, projectors, panels) have to be sending a signal to the dock to be recognized by the computer. 

The audio is connected directly to your laptop using the thin black cable that has a standard mini headphone plug which is either black or green in color. The audio connector should look like this. Confirm that the plug is seated tightly in the headphone jack on your laptop.
Plug this cord directly into your computer for audio in the classroom.

We hope this helps clear some confusion around the monitors/docks displaying to all attached displays and any sound issues you may be encountering.