Get Started with Google Classroom Integration

Before you can connect to Google Classroom™, ensure that you have a Google Classroom account, and that you have provided Google Classroom accounts for your students. For information about Google Classroom, see About Google Classroom and verify that you meet the latest requirements for sharing.

You can then follow these steps in Realize:

  1. Click your name on the menu bar, and then select Settings.
  2. In the Account tab, scroll to the Google Classroom Account Linking Status section and click Link to Google Classroom.

    If you do not see the Google Classroom Account Linking Status option in your Realize settings, Google™ integration may not be enabled for your school district. Contact your administrator.

  3. When prompted, select or enter your Google Classroom sign-in information.
  4. Click Allow in each Google Classroom prompt to grant Realize access to your Google Classroom account.

  5. Select the Google class or classes you want to import into Realize.

  6. Select the Realize programs you want to use with the class, and then click Import Class.
  7. Click Finish & View Classes. Classes imported from Google Classroom appear in your class list with a Google Classroom icon to the left of the class name.

The first time students access a Realize assignment from Google Classroom, they are prompted to provide their Google Classroom sign-in information and grant Realize access to their Google Classroom account. Until they grant Realize access to Google Classroom, they will display as Needs to Connect in the Students & groupsAssignments by student, and assignment student status lists.