Spring Math Data Admin Guide.  Full Guide is attached.

Some main things that are covered in the Full Guide:

1.  Add new teacher to a class:

Add a New Teacher At some point in the year, you may need to assign a new teacher to an existing class or add a second teacher to a class. To do so, click the Add Teacher button and provide the teacher name, ID (use their PPID from Sapphire) and email address. You must choose a class to assign the teacher to, and choose whether the teacher will be the primary or secondary teacher of the selected class. Note: This functionality is just for adding a teacher to an existing class. If you need to add a teacher and add a class, that is done on a different screen

Add a Second Teacher to a Class To add a second teacher to an existing class, select the class from the navigation panel on the left, and then click the Manage Class tab. Look for the button Add new secondary teacher. You can either select an existing teacher or create a new teacher account.


2.  Add new students:  

3.  Archive students who are leaving: 

Archive students Archiving is a way of inactivating students. It removes students from every user’s view, except the Data Admin, and it preserves their data. From the Data Admin Dashboard, click the Manage button. From the navigation pane on the left, select the class in which the student is currently enrolled. Check the box in front of the student’s name and then click the Archive button. 651-999-6000 | springmath.org A warning dialog will appear asking you to confirm that you want to archive the selected student(s). Select Yes, archive or No, Cancel. If selecting Yes, you will receive a confirmation message that the student has been successfully archived. 

NOTE:  Because this product does not roster with Clever, I'd suggest adding new student manually.

Updating Your Roster Throughout the year, you will likely have students move in and out, necessitating an update to your SpringMath roster. This can be done by uploading a new .csv file or by adjusting the roster manually within the application. Update Roster with New CSV You must start this process by using your current roster. FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL RESULT IN DELETING THE CURRENT STUDENTS AND THEIR DATA.