Helpful Hints for Test Administrators

  • Run a System Readiness Check on each device prior to testing

    • Click blue checkmark in lower left of DRC WIDA software

    • 7745 is access code

    • Red:  Can’t administer test

    • Yellow:  Should work, but software needs updated

    • Green:  No errors

    • Gray:  Refer to Tech.

  • Restart all testing devices prior to beginning assessments.  This is especially important when students are sharing devices (Kristen--Rice).  This will greatly reduce error messages.

  • If the mouse can move on the screen, the computer is not locked.  Most likely the student has not finished a section.  Check that all items are completed.

  • If the device asks for DRC Insight Org ID, it is:  1683097361

  • Complete Technology Troubleshooting Form if you cannot solve the problem and provide to Jonathan Trimble in the tech department (ext 1603)  Avoid just telling him what is wrong--be as specific as you can so if WIDA does need contacted, the issue is more likely to be resolved. Take a screenshot to show the error.

  • If you have a testing issue during testing, please contact Rebecca Houser (extension 2320) in the district office

The below screenshots are blurry--taken during the webinar.  The presentation will soon be uploaded to the Webinar section of WIDA if you would like to see better/have more detailed information.

If DRC INSIGHT cannot send a test response to DRC due to connectivity issues, it displays the following error message.  Extended retries message: Attempts to retry for 5 minutes to connect the student to DRC databases before kicking them out.

Three scenarios:

  1. Messages can appear/reappear quickly.  Just a momentary loss.

  2. There may see an exit option where the test administrator can choose to log out of that screen if desired.  Then reboot and attempt to run test again.

  3. Connection retries for 5 minutes and after that it will get a hard internet connection message.