What is OneDrive?

OneDrive folder backup is a required backup that is enabled for all district employee accounts. OneDrive is part of our Office 365 district licensing, and the policy was enabled to ensure data backup integrity.

OneDrive gathers all folders and files located on the desktop, in the documents folder, and pictures folder and creates a backup to each user's individual OneDrive.   

All files that are backed up to OneDrive can be accessed on any district computer that you sign into and can also be accessed through the office 365 web portal. When signing into a district computer all files in the above-mentioned locations will display in their current spots on any other district computer. This creates a seamless experience across every device signed into.  

NOTE:  It is important to remember that if you delete files/folders off your desktop, they will ALSO delete from your OneDrive!!!!! 

When signed in on a device where files have been created or opened on you will see a green checkmark next to the files/folders which indicates they have successfully been backed up to OneDrive. Below is a screenshot. 

Graphical user interface 
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Graphical user interface, application 
Description automatically generatedWhen signing into a new computer you may see a cloud next to folders or files. This means the file is backed up to OneDrive but has not yet been downloaded locally to the new signed-in computer. When you click on one of these files they will download and will be ready for use. To the left is a screenshot.  


Description automatically generatedThere is also an icon with arrows as seen below. This means you currently have the file open and it is synching the changes being made in real time.