Add a New Student

Note: Administrators may choose to restrict teachers' ability to add students or edit student information. If you do not have access to add or edit student accounts, the data permissions for these options are turned off by your district, so you must contact your administrator to request updates.

To add a new student:

1.    In the upper right corner of the banner, click the Welcome user menu, and then click Roster.

User menu

The Roster page appears.

Roster page

2.    Click Add New Student. The Add New Student dialog box appears.

3.    If you are associated with more than one school, note that the first school in your list appears in the school field.

To add the student to a different school, click Remove and select the school to which the new student is to be added.

4.    Complete the fields as follows:



First Name

    Type the student's first name.

Last Name

    Type the student's last name.

Student Number

    (Optional) Type the student's number.


    Select the student's grade from the list.


    Type the student's username.


    Type the student's password. The password is case-sensitive and must be at least five characters.

Note: See Passphrase Recommendation for more information on setting up passwords.


5.    Click Save. The student is added.