From Pennlive:

Central Penn College is offering around 40 free online classes for members of the community during the spring term.

Participants can choose from a wide variety of subjects, including business, healthcare, criminal justice, information technology, accounting, legal studies, mathematics and more.

The list of classes include everything from Medical Law and Ethics, and Introduction to Business to Spreadsheet Applications, Criminal Investigations, Introduction to Human Communication, Conflict Management, Basic Algebra, Meaning of Life and Holistic Health.

“These free classes may spark an interest, lead to a potential career change in the future or just provide a productive diversion,” Linda Fedrizzi-Williams, president of Central Penn College said in a press release.

The classes are accessible anywhere, allowing participants to work at their own pace and on their own schedule, and they can even earn a certificate of completion, if they choose to participate in online discussions and complete reading assignments.

The spring term begins on this Monday, so if you’re interested you should sign up between today and the weekend. However, the final day to sign up is April 10.

Community members can sign up for the free, online, non-credit classes at:

The courses include:

  • ACC210 – Data Management Applications
  • ALH122 – Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology II
  • ALH255 – Medical Law and Ethics
  • ALH365 – Issues and Trends in Healthcare
  • ALH375 – Inter-Professional Healthcare Team
  • ALH400 – Hospital & Health Services Administration
  • ALH405 – Healthcare Leadership
  • BUS100 – Introduction to Business
  • BUS105 – Fundamentals of Selling
  • BUS120 – Spreadsheet Applications
  • BUS230 – Principles of Marketing
  • BUS355 – Project Management
  • BUS365 – Organizational Behavior
  • BUS435 – Personal Financial Management
  • CRI135 – Introductions to Corrections
  • CRI245 – Criminal Investigations
  • COM101 – Introduction to Human Communication
  • DEV610 – Organizations and Sustainability
  • DEV615 – Conflict Management
  • ENG310 – Selected Topics in Literature
  • HSM205 – Fundamentals of Intelligence Analysis
  • HSM215 – Emergency Management
  • HSM430 – Data Mining and Predictive Intelligence
  • IDS330 – Global Conflicts
  • LGS130 – Principles of Legal Research
  • LGS170 – Criminal Procedure
  • LGS180 – Historical Perspectives of the Constitution
  • LGS260 – Administrative Law
  • LGS370 – Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • MTH010 – Basic Algebra
  • MTH105 – College Algebra
  • MTH200 – Statistics
  • ORG500 – Perspectives of Ethics and Leadership
  • ORG505 – Dimensions of Leadership
  • PHI405 – Meaning of Life
  • SCI100 – Basic Nutrition
  • SCI220 – Holistic Health
  • TEC103 – Survey of Windows
  • TEC252 – SQL Fundamentals