Recording with Audacity

*Headsets need to have 2 prongs or have a USB plug (*borrow from Karen Doersom)
*Headsets should be plugged into the front of the CPU.
*Headsets should be plugged in before opening Audacity.

Note: If headphones are plugged in after opening Audacity, students may need to close the program and reopen to reset.

1. Open Audacity software.

2. Change to “mono” (one-track) recording.  To do so, select Audio Setup → Recording channels → mono.

*Only 1 (mono) track should record. If it looks like this, the settings were not changed properly.


3.  When students are ready to record, they should test the program by doing a sample recording of their AP ID number.  At the end of the test recording, they’ll need to press stop in order to play back the file to check for proper recording.  Note:  They will not press stop until the very end of the recording when actually recording for the exam.  They should follow the precise instructions given by the College Board’s audio recording.  
    Recording tips:
         *Be sure the microphone is down in front of their mouth.
         *Make sure the blue recording squiggle is moving on the screen.
         *Ensure the volume is sufficient.  Use the volume settings to boost the microphone.  
         *If the recording doesn’t work the first time, have the student close and reopen the Audacity program.  This usually fixes the problem.  

4.  When all recording is finished…

       * Make sure students have pressed “stop” as instructed by the testing CD.

  1. To save, select File → Export audio
        *Rename file according to the proctor’s instructions (usually APIDnumber_form letter (form letter is usually “O”) with .mp3 extension

    *Change save location to “Desktop” → This PC → Desktop

    *Ensure format is mp3.

    * Ensure “mono” is checked.

  1. Click Export.

  2. When export is complete, students should minimize audacity (minus button in upper right hand corner) and navigate to the desktop to play back their recording to ensure all was saved properly.  

  3. Stay signed onto the computer and simply walk away.  Do not log off or shut down as the AP Testing coordinator (Mr. Richey) will come around with a flash drive to pull the recording files off of each device.  He will then upload them to the College Board portal. Once he has ensured all files are uploaded (he should listen to them), he can move files to the trash and empty it. He can then log students out and shut down computers.