Did you know your Promethean board can have a custom background? Though it isn’t interactive (clickable), you can add a photo or create a unique display for when you’re not using the board to present a lesson. Here are the steps I followed to create a themed background on my board:  

  1. Log into (or create) your Canva account. 

Educators can get a free educator account (more access to pictures/special features) with your school (@smsd.us) email. 

  1. Scroll through the “You might want to try…” until you get to Presentation (16:9). 

  1. Design your background. 

I used a snowy background with a snowman, a stack of books, text, and my Bitmoji. 

  1. Click Share, Download, adjust the size to 3, and select the page you want to download (I have multiple pages to choose from, so pick only 1 page per download.). 

  2. Log into https://one.prometheanworld.com/ with your @bubblers.us email account. 

  1. Click Account, Panel Settings, then click Browse to add your downloaded image. 

  1. Once you log into your board (or log out and log back in), your image will be the new background. 

Thanks to Maryalice Bond for creating this help sheet!