Note:  All Screenshots are contained on the SMSD AP9 Seed Training presentation from Lauren Gregory (Promethean trainer).

Full Training Guide

Promethean ActivPanels are a little different than Smartboards in that they are in and of themselves a stand alone computer. 

1.  Activate your Promethean account.  Use your account..  You can sign into the Panel as yourself using the Promethean Desktop on your laptop.

2.  Sign into the board and Use the Console.   You can "Continue as Guest" or "Sign In" with your Promethean account.  To activate the Menu, press the Flame button on the front of the board.

3.  Customize the Menu.  Up to THREE Apps can be pinned to the menu.

4.  Create Shortcuts in Chromium for any websites that your frequently use.  

5.  Whiteboard. Infinite canvas means you never run out of room to write.  When you write on an image, the writing sticks, but when you write outside the image, you can move the writing around.

6.  Spinner and Timer.  Some items are preloaded into the spinner but you can also make customized spinners, watches, stopwatches and timers.

7.  Annotate.  Annotations can be Trashed, Saved or Hidden.

8.  Screen Capture.  Capture images or parts of webpages or other documents, Crop and then Open in the Whiteboard.  Note:  Quick Save to the Panel saves it UNDER THAT USER.

9.  Multiwindow.  You can have two windows open at once and have students writing on both sections at the same time.

10.  Connecting to your laptop.  You will continue to connect your laptop to the dock and there will also be a USB-C cable in your dock which connects to the board.  On the Front console of the board, select SOURCE button and select computer to mirror you screen.  Interact with your computer by tapping the panel screen.  All sound from your computer should now run through your board.

11.  Screenshare.  More will come on this subject, but students will be able to share to your screen.  However, they will ENTER A WAITING ROOM and your will be able to select who you let share.

12.  Screen recorder.  With your AP9 Premium boards, you will be able to record not only what you do on your screen, but also record voice (by tapping settings gear to turn on microphone).

13.  Keyboard Features:  Change the size of your keyboard, move it on your screen.  Try Google Translate already built into the board.