SMSD Tech creates the accounts and gives the login username/password to Rachel Boyle who submits the tickets.   Coaches just need to log in, change their password and set up 2 Factor Authentication.  This is best done on a computer rather than a phone.  

Steps once they have the username/login from Rachel.

  1.  Go to
  2.  Log out of their personal  Do not try to ADD to any account.  Enter email as what we gave them.  (Typically first initial last name

  1.  Initial password is "changeyourpassword" (no quotes).  They will be prompted to change their password immediately.  
  2. Next they MUST go and set up 2 Factor Authentication.

If coaches fail to set up 2 Factor Authentication or wait more than 1 month after their account is created to sign in, they WILL be locked out and need reset.