Athletic Eligibility Report

The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) is a non-profit corporation and voluntary membership organization. Almost all public middle, junior high, and senior high schools, as well as many charter and private schools in Pennsylvania are members. PIAA develops and enforces rules regulating interscholastic athletic competition, which are authorized or adopted by member schools.

In order to participate in PIAA activities, schools must certify that their athlete's meet PIAA academic requirements. The SIS Athletic Eligibility Report provides necessary data to assist schools with this certification. This report finds students with current averages below a specified threshold in the Sapphire Teacher Gradebook. 

Important: The default threshold is 60 percent, in line with PIAA's requirement for passing grades. PIAA rules state "To be eligible for interscholastic athletics, a student must have passed at least four full-credit subjects, or the equivalent, during the previous grading period, except as provided in Section 5." Schools may set a higher threshold.

  1. Go to Reports > Report Cards/Transcripts > Athletic Eligibility. The Report Options screen opens.
  1. Select the Marking Period. To select more than one press Ctrl on the keyboard and click to select the options.
  1. The Grades Lower Than threshold is preset to 60. A higher threshold can be entered.
  1. The Minimum Number of Grades is preset to 1; change if needed.
  1. Select a Saved Group, if applicable.
  1. Select Student(s), if applicable.
  1. If certain courses are to be excluded, list them in the Exclude Courses field. Separate each course with a comma.
  1. Select Yes or No from the Group by Activities drop-down. When set to Yes students are grouped by activities.

Tip: Selecting this option allows you to give your coaches and advisers a list of students who are academically ineligible from participation in their activity.

  1. Select an Output from the drop-down. 
  1. Click Run Report.


Student Activities


Track student participation in school sports, clubs, and other activities on this screen.

A user must belong to a security group with the following security rights in order to access these screens:

Security Right: SIS: Access, SIS: Demographics: Read, SIS: Demographics: Activities Read, SIS: Demographics: Activities Write, and SIS: Student Custody: Read.

For more information, see About Security Groups.

  1. Go to Screens > Demographics > Activity.
  1. Select a Student. The Student Activity screen opens.
  1. Select a Sort By option as needed. The default is Activity.
  1. The School Selection is set to the school you are logged into by default. All Schools or other schools can be selected, if you have access to them. Change as needed.
  1. If the Sort By or School Selection options are changed, click Update Filters.
  1. To add an Activity that is in another school, select that School from the drop-down. Any schools to which you have access are available.
  1. To add an Activity, select it from the drop-down. Only Activities in the selected School appear. Options are managed in the Activities dictionary.
  1. Select a Position, if relevant. Options are managed in the Activities: Positions dictionary.
  1. Enter a Start Date.
  1. When the activity ends or the student withdraws from it, enter an End Date.
  1. Select a Grade from the drop-down.
  1. Click to add Notes about this student's participation in this activity.
  1. To delete an activity, click XE.
  1. Click Save.

Mass Add Activities

This screen allows you to make mass updates to the Activities screen, for example, adding all members of the Soccer Team at one time or entering the End Date for all members at the conclusion of the season.

  1. Go to Screens > Demographics > Mass Add Activities.
  1. Select an Activity. The Mass Add Activities screen opens for that Activity. Any students previously added to that activity display.
  1. Add a student by typing their name or ID number in the ID (search) field of the first blank line. As you type, a list of students populates. Highlight and click the selected student.
  1. To add or update the Start Date or End Date for all students enter the date and click . This applies the change to all students.
  1. Click Save.

The most recent update is saved. If a student was previously added to this activity and you add them a second time, any previously entered information (Position, Start Date, End Date, or Notes) is overwritten.

This screen also allows you to save a group of students as a Saved Group.

  1. Click Save Students as Saved Group. The Saved Group Maintenance window opens.
  1. Select an Action
    • Create New Saved Group
    • Overwrite an Existing Student Group
    • Add to an Existing Saved Student Group
  1. Click to add Notes about an individual student's participation in this activity.
  1. Click Save the New Group.