Students can access their IReady from home by logging into their Clever accounts.  

Note:  Not all devices are supported by IReady.  SMSD does not support home devices.  

Technical and Troubleshooting Guide for Families

Use this guide to help your student log in to i-Ready from home and troubleshoot i-Ready technical questions.

To Access Clever/IReady:

1:  Go to and click on the graduation hat.

2.  Select Clever which taks you to the SMSD Clever portal. 

3.  Select Login with Google

4.  Enter the login name and password.  Login name will be your student's Year of Graduation followed by their last name and first initial.  See example below.  Click Next.

Password will be the first and last initials (must be capitalized) and your student's ID/lunchnumber.  See example below.   Click Next.

5.  Once in the Clever portal, look for the IReady icon.