Find something fast.

Ctrl+F will jump and highlight any search term.  Works in pretty much anything, webpage, Word, Google Doc etc.

Drop down lists

In Drop down lists, type the first letter to drop down the list.  Example:  When State drop down, type P to drop down to Pennsylvania so you don't have to scroll.

Underscore and Emojis in file/folder name to send to the top of a list.  Ex.  _YBMS will show before BSHS due to the underscore.

HyperDocs: A HyperDoc is a document that acts as a lesson plan for students to follow at their own pace using a variety of web tools. Check out this website that has samples of Hyperdocs:

Want to try?  Use this link and follow along with the video.


Snipping Tool:  Use the Snipping Tool (go to Window and type Snip) to get a snapshot of anything on your screen. The snip is pasted to the clipboard and can be copied into anything.  ex.  Email, Document etc.

Share a COPY of your document:  When you go to share:  In the URL for your document, backspace edit and replace with copy and then press Enter.

Or in the case of a powerpoint that you just want them to view in presentation mode, replace edit with present.

Share links quickly with Small Cat:  Sometimes in the middle of a lesson you may want students to visit a website that you haven't put into your Canvas/Classroom.  The link is really long too.  What to do?  Small.Cat turns any link or bit of text (up to 8192 characters) into a short, easy to say, and easy to type link.  Much more simple than but expires in anywhre from 10 minutes to 1 week so wouldn't use in LMS but good for on the fly.

Interested in more link shorteners such as and  Read this article.

Side Panel:  Use Google Side panel to access other apps quickly.

Voice Typing:  In Google, found under Tools.   Not foolproof but may help students compose their thoughts. will start a new Google Doc.  Same with other products.  Docs will automatically name the document the first line (instead of Untitled Document) you type if you click in the name box and press Enter.

Format Painter:  Copies the format from text to text, image to image.  Found in both Microsoft products and Google products.


Grid View in Google Slides:  To view and move slides easily.

Theme Builder in Slides:  Format all slides in a few clicks

Premade Templates:  Save time.




Google Sheets:  Data/Sort, View/Freeze and Data/Filter.

Use Autofill:  

Insert Notes or Comments:  Right click on the cell and Insert Note.