You can get to Google Classroom through the "waffle" or by typing  Once you bring it up, bookmark it for quick access!!

Organize your Homepage.  If you are still a student in courses you no longer need, click the 3 dots and Unenroll.

For classes you taught last year, you can Archive them.  Copy them first if you want for next year.

Copy a class to use for next year

Clean up your Stream.   In Class Settings, under General, Hide notifications and instead direct students to Classwork instead of Stream.

Material Vs. Topic:

1.  Use Material for itmes not turned in or graded.  More informational.

2.  Use Topics to organize information as if you were using file folders.   (ex.  Word Work/Read to Self or Week Ending 9/30, Week Ending 10/7)  You are limited to 100 Topics per Class.  Remember you can use Emojis for the names (Windows icon +>)

When you create an Assignment, you can assign it to a Topic.

Adding files to an assignment.  Students can view file (no editing), Students can edit file (everyone editing ONE document) or Make a copy for each student (each gets their own copy).