The first step to organizing your drive is to delete out unneeded files.  We all have things we no longer need.  Purge as needed.

Bookmark it!  First thing, make it easier to locate Drive.  You can always go to the Waffle to find Drive or type "" but super easy to put on your Bookmark Bar.

Create folders in Drive.  Remember, much like a filing cabinet, if you are in a folder, it creates the new one UNDER it.

Color folders and add emojis.  Right click on the folder name and Change Color (choose color) or to get Emojis, hold down Windows icon and the > key.  NOTE:  folders with Emojis show up first on your list!!!  You can also then number your folders to get them up the list.

Star important folders or files.  Right click and Add to starred.

Recent to view recently used files.

TIps for Searching for Files

Use search chips to narrow your search.  Where, File type, People, Last Modified, Tasks)

RIght click on a folder to search within a specific folder.

LEAVE SHARED WITH ME ALONE!!!!!!  Do NOT attempt to mess with it.

If you have alot of folders, you can right click on the folder to make a shortcut to the Drive.