Chrome:  Organize Tabs and Bookmarks

SMSD manages our Chrome, but there are still some things we can utilitze.  While we can't make a group of tabs save for startup (because our devices are managed) there are some ways to get organized and accomplish the same thing.

Save things to a Bookmark Bar.  Go to the three dots/Bookmarks/Show Bookmark Bar

Click and the padlock to bookmark or use the star to bookmark tabs.

Create folders in Bookmark Manager to Organize bookmarks.

Sort Bookmarks by name or organize them in folders.  Make a folder that keeps all your important daily bookmarks together.  In right pane, I made one called Today.


Pinning Tabs:  Right click on Tab and PIN.  Pinned tabs move to the far left and remain pinned after a restart.

See Browsing History:  Ctrl+H 

 NOTE:  Even if this is blank if the user has cleared browsing data.This does not erase it from SMSD logs.

Reopen a Closed Tab:   How many times have you accidentally closed a tab and realized you still needed it.  Or walked past a student who immediately closed a tab thinking you wouldn't notice?   

Ctrl+Shift+T will open the last Tab (and keep opening them if you keep Ctrl+Shift+T).