Daily Substitute Instructions for YBMS/BSHS


  1.  Get laptop from office.  They will also give you a username and password for a substitute account. 

  1. Plug laptop into dock in the room.  The cord fits into the left side of the computer near the Tab key. (see below) 


  1. Make sure the large screen monitor is turned and turn on your projector/smartboard.  

  1. Turn on the laptop.  Log into laptop using the Sub username/password credentials given to you in the office.  It may take up to 5 minutes the first time you log in as it builds a profile on the computer. 

  1. On the laptop, right click in the blank area and choose Display settings. 


  1.  You will see Display 1, Display 2 and Display 3  (1 is the laptop, 2 is the monitor and 3 is smartboard).  You want to extend the display to 2 and then choose Duplicate desktop on 2 and 3.   You will click and drag screens you want from your computer 1 to computer 2. 



FYI:  As a substitute, you will NOT have access to Sapphire (so attendance must be taken manually and given to the office), IReady or Envision Math programs as well as some other programs.


At the end of the day, return the laptop and badge to the office.