Create a Referral

The discipline section of LMS is highly customizable for your school. You might not see all of the options or fields discussed here. Contact your Sapphire Administrator if you have questions.

Unlike other parts of LMS where you have access to only the students you teach, you can create a referral for any student in the district. After you save a referral, you cannot make changes to it.

  1. If you have already selected a course and section from the Welcome screen, go to My Gradebooks > Discipline > New Referral from the menu. The Create Teacher Referral screen opens.
    • If you are on the Welcome screen, click the New Referral link. The Create Teacher Referral screen opens.
  1. Enter the Student ID or begin entering the student's name in the Student ID field. A list forms as you type, select the student from the list. The student's ID appears in the field.
  1. The Referral Date field populates with today's date; you can change the date, if needed.
  1. The Referral Time field populates with the current time; you can change the time, if needed.
  1. The School field populates with the school you are logged into; you can change the school, if needed.
  1. Click Save found in the toolbar. The Teacher Referral screen opens. Follow the instructions found in Teacher Referral Screen to complete the referral.


Teacher Referral Screen

Use the Teacher Referral screen to enter the details of a discipline referral.

  1. The following fields are already filled in for you, most can be edited if needed:

  1. Enter the details of the incident. This is largely determined by your school set up and policies. You might not see some of the tabs and fields described below or it may be your school's policy not to use them. Always follow school policy.

Click SAVE. The referral is sent to the designated administrator to turn the referral into a complete incident.