Embed short videos in a Google Form with questions. 

Get started:

  1. Choose 3 videos from TeacherTube, FlixTube, or YouTube (< 10 minutes) that relate the content students are learning.
  2. Insert each video into a google form, followed by a paragraph text box that includes the following summary prompt.  Some examples are: This video was about....Specifically...I really understood....I struggled to understand...I still have questions about....  But come up with your own questions.

What makes it easy:

  • The video is IN the google form along with the summary box and google forms can be access well on any device.
  • The sub lesson serves to reinforce, and amplify the content. 
  • The structured summary boxes prompt students to reflect on the entire video in a systematic way,
  • By using a form which collects the response in a spreadsheet you will be able to quickly review student completion time stamps, as well as survey their responses for questions.