IFES New Student Tech Information: 


Welcome to IFES!  Please have your parent/guardian set up a Sapphire Parent Portal account.  Besides checking grades, parents have various forms to fill out online as well as the Technology Usage Agreement form.   


Note:  The $20 computer usage fee must be turned into the IFES office & Tech Usage form signed online before the student laptop can be assigned. 


Go to the SMSD website and scroll down to Quicklinks to find the Sapphire button, they can apply for an account.  The key word needed to set up an account is “Sapphire”.  The office will then approve the application. 



Detailed directions with screenshots: 

Directions on how to use the portal: 


When You Open Your School Chromebook: 

Type your username, which is the last two digits of your YOG (year of grad), last name and first initial. 

Your password is [capitalized first name initial] [capitalized last name initial] [Student/Lunch ID]  

Example:  24SmithJ (username) and JS12345 (password) 




NOTE:  This will then be the password for your Google and Clever as well. 

NOTE:  Your Google password will always be the same as your laptop login password.  Student bubblers.us accounts can only email other bubblers/smsd accounts.  No outside emails. 


Google Classroom for Students: 

Click on the waffle in your Google and select Classroom or classroom.google.com.  Your teacher may give you the Join code to join their class.   

Google Classroom getting Started Guide:  https://support.smsd.us/a/solutions/articles/44001989993  



Clever Login: 

“Login with Google”.  You may need to enter your Google username and password once. 




If you need technical support, you can email support@smsd.us .   

STUDENT NAME:  ______________________________________________________________ 

Computer Login:  ______________________________________________________________ 

Google Account:  ______________________________________________________________   

Temporary Password:  ______________________________________________________________ 

Sapphire Login:  Username: _______________________    Student ID: ________________