Promethean Board Power Settings: 

To keep your board from going into standby mode, please do the following: 


  1. 1.  Locker 

  1. 2.  Settings 

  1. 3.  Display 

  1. 4.  Advanced 

  1. 5.  Standby and Sleep Timers 

  1. 6.  Change the Standby Timer to 8 hours .  This is how long the screen will stay on while the ActivPanel is inactive.  When the Standby Timer runs out, the ActivPanel will go into standby mode and the screen will turn off. The power button will also go red and the flame on the menu button will be white.  To turn the screen on again during standby, start interacting with the display. 



Please keep in mind that keeping the ActivPanel turned on for too long will reduce its lifespan, so if you will not be using it for a while (lunch/specials/end of the day), it will be best to turn your panel OFF.)