You have a couple of options if you want to use your old Smart Notebook

1.  If your laptop is connected to the board via the HDMI cable, you can pull up Smart Notebook on your laptop, use the Source Input button to choose your laptop.  This is the EASIEST to get started, however, know that once we migrate to a higher version of Windows on our laptops (probably over the summer), Smart Notebook will probably not work.

2.  You can convert your Smart Notebook files to ActivInspire files.  

    a.  Launch ActivInspire and Choose File/Import/Smart Notebook file  

b.  Select your file and choose open.

c.  You will see it Importing (this may take a little if file is large)  

d:  The file will open in a new tab in ActivInspire and you will be able to save as an ActivInspire file.

There are also precreated resources on the Promethean website: