In this article, you will see how to enter Final Grades for a Marking Period using the new Responsive Sapphire LMS.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Sapphire NEW LOOK Final Grade Entry

Use the Final Grades screen to enter end of marking period and end of year grades during the grading window.

In Gradebook, select the Course/Section and Gradebook

 Once in Gradebook for that course, select My Class and then Final Grades


Each marking period section has two or three columns:

  1. TGB: This column prepopulates with the grade from your gradebook.
  2. OVR: Use this column to override the grade from your gradebook. Not all schools allow overrides, if your school does not, this column does not display.
  3. SIS: This column is blank until you save the grades on this screen. Once saved, this is the grade sent to the office for the report card.

Enter Final Grade in the OVR column for MP4 (if different from the TGB grade) and click SAVE to send to Laurie Strayer.  Once you hit SAVE it should show the “Final grades were last posted on …date/time

Note: If a student received an "I" on at least one assignment on the Main Gradebook screen, an "I" populates in the OVR column. This "I" cannot be deleted or changed. The assignment(s) the student received an "I" for must be changed to a grade on the Main Gradebook screen, which removes the "I" from the OVR column on this screen.