In this article, suggestions will be provided to troubleshoot issues with the Grades 3-4 Chromebooks which sometimes have issues with the camera/microphone in Google Meets.

In this article

Step-by-Step Instructions

Troubleshooting Issues on Chromebooks/Google Meet

The first step should always be to do a full shut down of the Chromebook.  (not just closing the lid)  This many times solves the issue.

1. Click on “Sign out” button at bottom right of screen

2. New window pops up. Click on “Sign out now” button

3. Click on “Shut down” button on bottom left of screen

**Make sure the student is logging in with their Google account AND using Clever to access Google Classroom.


If the student is still having difficulites with Camera/Microphone, see below:

  1.  On your Chrome toolbar, click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner.  Select Settings. 
  2.  Select Privacy and Security 
  3. Select Site Settings 
  4. Under Recent Activity, look for 
  5. Make sure Camera and Microphone say Allow for
  6. If not in recent activity, proceed with this:  View permissions and data stored across sites  
  7. Find the site in the list or search in the list. 
  8. Click the drop down and find and repeat Step 5 


Resetting a User Profile

  1.  Click on drop down menu next to the name and Remove Account.  Then log back in with your credential to recreate your profile.  


If the student is getting a message about “can’t join video call”, try sending them an invite to your Meet through Host Controls or through People +Add People.