Sapphire Gradebook Teacher Preferences

  • Choose Options/Preferences and then decide how you want your blank grades and incompletes to show.  You will want blank grades “Excused until Due Date” & Incomplete “Zero”.

  • Save time and copy the settings to your other sections/courses!!!

  • Remember to SAVE your Preference changes.


When you go back to your Gradebook, SAVE again to have the changes reflected in your gradebook.

*change made in preferences but forgot to do the second save (notice dates):

*after Saving on Main Gradebook page:


Another default you might want to change while you’re there is “Assignment Comments”. It defaults to “not shown”, so if you make a comment such as TURNED IN 2 DAYS LATE, parents and students will not see it.

There is ANOTHER DEFAULT that needs to be changed in order for students to see assignments that have not been graded yet.


Currently, any assignment that you have posted in Sapphire will not be visible to students in Sapphire if it has no grade in it.


For example, if you have posted a test for later this week on a Friday, you obviously won’t have any grades to put in it, and it will be blank.  Because no grade has been given, students will not be able to see the assignment posted. To them it is like it doesn’t exist.  I had this problem last year when students could not see several upcoming assignments in Sapphire.  Why wouldn’t I want students to see assignments, due dates, and the like so they can prepare or work ahead?


Here's the fix:


  1. Open a gradebook for one of your classes.
  2. Click on the three lines on the left hand side of the screen to open “Options.”
  3. Choose “Preferences.”
  4. Click on the “Community Portal” tab towards the center of the screen.
  5. In the center column labeled “Assignment Details,” scroll down to “Hide Blank Excused Grades.”
  6. Click on the blue toggle switch for “Hide Blank Excused Grades,” and turn it to grey.
  7. Click SAVE in the top right corner.
  8. Change the class period at the top and go through the same process for each class because you can’t just “select all” for this nonsense.
  9. Students should now be able to see all assignments posted in Sapphire whether they have been graded or not.