Seesaw doesn't have an attendance section, but in the meantime, you could make a daily attendance activity? Something really simple that the students log in and complete that will log in your activities folder.  You would just reassign it each day.  

Some suggestions of an activity to use for attendance:

- a calendar question, students write the date each day, weather, etc.

- a daily question that students answer

- the students simply ticking a box on a post that says ' are you here today' 


Admins can check as well from the Admin portal:

To see if students have signed into Seesaw and completed work in the past 7 days, use the Student Activity report feature! This feature is only available for Seesaw for Schools Administrators. 

Student Activity Report on a School Dashboard

1. Tap Get Student Activity Report from 'Admin Tools' section of the admin dashboard.


2. Tap Get Student Activity Report.

Screen_Shot_2020-05-13_at_1.49.22_PM.png 3. Administrators will receive an email with a link to download a CSV of the recent student activity, by class and by student. Please note, student activity includes posts that a teacher tags to a student account.

By student:

    1. Student Name
    2. Student ID 
    3. Grade Level (mode grade level for student of all classes they attend) 
    4. Last Active Date (active means performed any action in Seesaw)
    5. Days Active in Past Week 
    6. Posts Added to Student Journal in Past Week (approved posts and draft posts) 
    7. Comments Added in Past Week 
    8. Posts Added to Student Journal Yesterday (approved posts and draft posts) 
    9. Comments Added Yesterday 
    10. Days with Posts Added to Student Journal in Past Week (number of days out of the last week that the student has at least one approved post or draft post) 
    11. Days with Comments in Past Week 
    12. Connected Family Members
    13. Active Yesterday (1 = yes) 
    14. Active in Last Week (1 = yes) 
    15. Active MM/DD (one column for every date active of past week, 1 = yes) 
    16. Link to Student Portfolio 
    17. Link to School Dashboard

By Class:

  1. Class Name 
  2. Grade Level (grade level set on class) 
  3. Student Name
  4. Student ID 
  5. Last Active Date (active means performed any action in Seesaw)
  6. Posts Added Yesterday (to this class, approved posts and drafts) 
  7. Posts Added in Past Week (to this class, approved posts and drafts) 
  8. Comments Added Yesterday (to this class) 
  9. Comments Added in Past Week (to this class) 
  10. Activities Responded to Yesterday (List)
  11. Activities Responded to Past Week (List) 
  12. Activities Assigned in Past 2 Weeks With No Response (List)
  13. Link to Class 
  14. Link to Full Student Portfolio