Navigation - Redirect Tool


The Redirect Tool adds a link to a website (or even another Canvas page) that appears in the left hand course navigation. Whatever URL you specify is loaded within the content pane when users click the link. To configure this app you specify the text and URL you’d like to add to navigation elements in the LMS, then check the areas you’d like it added to. The link will only appear in the user navigation if this app is installed at the root level. The 3-Click rule of web design explains that accessing web content should not take more than 3-clicks to reach desired content. It can be tricky to follow this web design advice, but it is a good rule of thumb to try and follow. You will find sing the Redirect Tool to limit the number of clicks needed for students to find the most used resources useful!


Using the Redirect Tool LTI

In order to install a link using the Redirect Tool you will need to specify the link text (Name), the link address (URL Redirect), and where the link should be installed (Checkboxes). The image below details the information needed in order to use the Redirect Tool.