Reference Card for phones attached.

Below is some important information pertaining to the new phones:


  2. Your extension will remain the same as prior
  3. If you had a direct external line, that is also staying the same
  4. You will need to set up your name, voice mail and change your password.  To do that:
    1. press the envelope icon
    2. Initial password is:  12345
    3. Press 0
    4. Press 2 to record a message
    5. Press 4 to record your name
    6. Press 5 to change your password
  5. Attached are user guides for additional information on how to use your phone
    1. The attachment labeled FON-175 is for classroom phones
    2. The attachment labeled FON-475 is for office phones
  6. You will still receive emails with your voice mails to listen to through your computer.  The emails will come through from Fortivoice
  7. The new phones are connected to data ports and must remain in the location they were installed. 
  8. Feel free to disconnect and move your old phone.  We will be around at a later time to pick them up. 
  9. If you need any support for your phone please put in a tech support help desk ticket.  The CAIU staff will be working through the phone-related help desk tickets.  Follow the prompts below when putting in a ticket.   PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL THE SMSD TECH SUPPORT STAFF FOR HELP WITH ANY PHONE RELATED QUESTIONS.