Zoom Classroom Management 101

(From West Chester School District)

In order to make the best use of Zoom, you need to establish classroom norms and expectations just like you would in your everyday classroom. 

Virtual Classroom Norms for Zoom:

  • Establish rules 

    • Examples:

      • How to raise your hand

        • Options: raise actual hand, raise virtual hand on Zoom, one finger raise, etc.

      • Students shouldn’t unmute themselves unless the teacher unmutes them

      • # of redirections before being dismissed

      • If/ when to submit questions via the chat box

      • Students changing their own backgrounds

      • When entering the meeting, if prompted, type in first and last name 

      • Teacher signal for attention 

        • Teachers are able to mute all participants to get attention

  • Participant Window: Have students open the Participants window at the bottom if on a desktop computer to show how they would raise their hand (might want to be a norm to open it every call)

  • Chat Window: Teachers have the option to disable/modify the chat features (in personal settings) or take time to explain to students how it should be utilized

  • Screen Share Window: Teacher has option to allow students to share screen/annotate in settings

  • Reminder: views are different on different devices 

  • Inform parents of norms

    • Parents need to know what is expected of their child. Emails should be sent to parents after a set number of warnings to an individual child if the child is misbehaving 

  • Helpful Link with additional information:

Different Views:

Teacher/Host View  - Teachers can click on the  Mute All button within the Participants box  to mute students; however,  students CAN unmute themselves (They can “call out”)

Student Views (different from host view)


Desktop View of Participants:

iPad View:

iPad View of Participants:

Other Student Views on iPad: