Clever is an easy way for you to access all your learning applications. With Clever, you only have to remember one username and password.

Curious about Clever? Watch some of the videos below or visit Clever Academy for some great online training.  

See attached document to learn about the Enhanced Teacher Portal which is rolling out in July 2024.  

Enhanced Teacher Portal Video Link:


 What is Clever?  

How do I log into Clever?

Go to the Clever portal (found under Students icon on the website) and “Log in with Google”.  Use your email/password.  

For elementary students:

Username:  Your 2 digit year of graduation, last name, first initial (ex.

Password:  See your teacher for your password.

What will I see?

Once logged into Clever you will see the apps that have been assigned to you (depending on your grade level)

Inside the Clever Portal

Giving students Backup Login codes: 

Clever Messaging:

Clever Class Analytics: