Google Locked Quiz Mode

  1. Open or create a Google Form.
  2. Access settings for your form (gear icon in the top right corner)
  3. Click on the “quizzes” tab
  4. Click “Turn on locked quiz”


Locked quiz mode will not work if you are using iPads, PC, Mac, etc. You must use a managed Chromebook to take advantage of this feature.

What is locked quiz mode?

Locked quiz mode prevents students from accessing opening new tabs or accessing unauthorized digital content.

After opening a locked quiz, students are prompted this message:

“Locked mode is on. Once you start this quiz, you won’t be able to open tabs or applications. To avoid losing any work in other tabs, make sure to save before you begin. All your tabs will reload after you submit this quiz.”

Google Forms Locked Quiz mode

After clicking “Start Quiz” The form becomes full screen and all browser controls and navigation is hidden to prevent students from accessing any other content while they are taking the quiz.

To exit the full-screen mode student must submit the form or click the “exit” button in the top right corner.

Clicking exit without submitting a form will delete any responses that were entered in the form. Partial responses are NOT saved.

During a locked quiz student will be unable to:

  • Open a new tab
  • Access Chrome apps or extensions
  • Take a screenshot
  • Copy / paste text
  • View page source information

Google has also added a new feature that notifies the teacher by email if a student opens a locked quiz and closes it without submitting a response.Locked Quiz email notification

Accessibility features in locked mode

ChromeOS accessibility features are available during a locked quiz however you must use the keyboard shortcuts to activate them.

Students can use dictation and select-to-speak during a locked quiz. This is especially useful for students who have accommodations written into their IEP that require assessments to be read to them.

Because the shelf is hidden, keyboard shortcuts are the only way to activate accessibility features during a locked quiz:

  • Dictation: click text field and press Search + d
  • High Contrast Mode: ctrl + search + h
  • ChromeVox (text-to-speech): ctrl + alt + z
  • Docked magnifier: ctrl + search + d

Select-to-speak: Press and hold the search key (magnifying glass) and select the text you would like read

How to enable Locked quiz mode for a Google Form Quiz

Enabling Locked Quizzes 

If you have already created quizzes using google forms, you can enable locked quiz mode for your old forms!

Go to settings for your form, click on the quiz tab and look for “locked quiz”

Locked quiz mode will adjust some settings for your form:

  • Automatically collects student email addresses
  • Limit to 1 response
  • Restrict users to your school domain only