Add Voicethread to a Canvas assignment 


To create a graded assignment in VoiceThread, you’ll need to create a Canvas assignment that uses an external tool as the submission type. To do so:  


1. Log into Canvas and navigate to your course.  

2. From the course navigation menu, click Assignments and then +Assignment 




3.  Enter and Assignment name, description, point value, ect.  Scroll down to put Submission Type as External Tool 



4.  Select Voicethread and then Select and then Save. 




Page Break 

5.  A screen will open to allow you to select and individual Voicethread. 




6.  Select the Voicethread you want to share and then Share with Class. 




7.  Make sure to Publish the Assignment. 

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Logging in as the Student to see a Voicethread Assignment 


  1.  Log into Voicethread, go the Module and click on the Assignment. 




  1.  The first time the student uses an integrated Voicethread, they will need to enter their Voicethread username and login.  This is a ONE TIME ONLY association that needs to be done. 


  1.  The Voicethread will load into the window and begin playing.  The directions will be at the top of the screen. 




  1. Student can click on the +Comment button to be able to leave feedback.