Coming mid-May!!!  Ability to add Audio to Google Slides  This new feature allows user to INSERT audio, not create the audio file itself.  You can insert audio clips, sound effects, or music if you own the file and have the rights to use it.

Remember to respect copyright and fair use policies when using audio files created by someone else.

Creating Audio Files

You will need to use a separate application to record the audio file, such as Audacity and save it to your Google Drive.

  1. Make sure file it is saved to your Google Drive.
  2. To upload and store files in Drive, go to Drive, click on the NEW button, and select FILE UPLOAD

NOTE:  The file must be an .mp3 or .wav file type.

Inserting audio into your Google Slide

  1. Open your Google Slides file or create a new one.
    (Tip: Type in to create a new slide deck quickly.)
  2.  Select the slide where you want to insert the audio file.
  4.  Select the file from your Google Drive.
  5. Click SELECT.  A speaker button will appear on your slide. Click on the icon to play the audio or move the button anywhere you like on the slide.

Audio Format Options

There are a few adjustments you can make to your audio file once it is inserted in the slide.

When the speaker icon is selected (has the blue bars), you can click and drag to place it where you want.

Click FORMAT OPTIONS in the toolbar. A sidebar menu will appear that will give you some playback options.

(The screenshot below are the default settings.)

  • You can choose to have it play “on click,” or to play automatically when that slide shows.
  • Can also hide the icon so you do not see it on the screen (if you have it play automatically)
  • Can adjust the volume level of the audio
  • Can choose to have the audio loop so that it plays over and over again
  • Can uncheck the box that says “Stop on slide change,” and this will allow the audio to continue to play when you change slides

How to Play Audio in Your Google Slides

Preview the audio and play while you are in editing mode by hovering over the speaker icon or clicking on it to select it and then click play.

In presentation mode, click on the speaker button to play the audio, or just hover and click the play button.