An easy way to digitally score student writing is with Orange Slice, a Google Docs Add-On.  You can use your own pre-made rubric or build one with the add-on right in a student’s shared document. 

When using Teacher Rubric to score student work, fields are automatically highlighted on the rubric and totals are calcuated for you. The rubric also appears right within the student's document so that the feedback is not separate from the original assignment. Orange Slice also offers a Student Rubric that can be used for peer reviews (which looks and functions similarly to the Teacher Rubric but does not allow students to assign a grade.)

NOTE:  One time step:  In Google Docs, click on the Add-On menu, search for Orange Slice, and add it to your list of add-ons. 

Creating Rubric:

IMPORTANT:  Do this BEFORE you add the assignment to your Google Classroom.

  1. In your document , Click Add-Ons, Orange Slice.  A Menu will appear on the right:  
  3. After a moment, it will appear in your document.  You can alter any of the wording.  Your rubric is completely customizable. Once the rubric table has been created, you can change the contents of every cell. Make it yours. Own it.To add more categories, insert a new row. Don't like the performance levels, change them, delete or insert columns. Make it useful for you and your classroom.  There is one exception. The first cell must contain the words 'Rubric Categories', as shown below. This enables Teacher Rubric to find your rubric.
  4. Click on Score Rubric on bottom of right hand side.
  5. Click Finish.  At this point, you can go into your Classroom and add the Assignment.  (Make sure to choose “Make a copy for each student.” & to put the same point value for assignment.)


Grading of the Assignment using Rubric:

  1. After students complete the Assignment, click on a student’s assignment.  Click Add-Ons, Orange Slice Teacher Rubric, Score Rubric.
  2. Go down the right side and select what that student has earned.
  3. You can also do grade adjustments for Extra Credit or Late Penalty.
  4. When done, Process Grade.  This will blink for a few seconds and then document will reflect the options that you chose as well as calculate a grade.  You will still need to assign a grade and return the document to the student through Google Classroom.